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Job Title:Clinic Radiologist
Employer:Life University
Job Description:The Clinic Radiologist supports the mission and vision of Life University, the College of Chiropractic, and the Life University Clinics. The Clinic Radiologist provides quality and safe patient services and education, and quality chiropractic clinical education to student interns. The faculty member supports the Clinic Director in the daily operations of the clinic, provides leadership and support, and is involved in the college and university community. The faculty member also assists in areas of clinic procedures to assure a smooth flow of patients, interns, and records within the clinics.


Responsible for educational and clinical operations in the clinic radiology department in conjunction with the Clinic Director and Assistant Director of Clinics.
Responsible for interpretation and written reports for all diagnostic-imaging studies performed in a Life clinic, and within a reasonable time period (within 24 hours).
Responsible for radiographic quality and standards in the Life Clinics.
Responsible for the implementation and support of the Life Chiropractic model of patient care in the clinical application of diagnostic imaging and radiological procedures.
Communicate examination results or diagnostic information to referring clinicians and interns.
Document the performance, interpretation, or outcomes of all procedures performed
Adheres to and supports University, College, and clinic policies and procedures
Develop and maintain a radiology case library.
Responsible for radiology readings, case presentations, and consultations with interns and faculty as needed; classroom presentations as required.
Instruct radiologic staff in desired techniques, positions, or projections.
Ensure proper inventory and equipment maintenance of all radiology areas in the clinic.
Be a consultation source for other faculty.
Complete patient reports and/or respond to agency inquiry in an appropriate and timely manner.
Maintain and continue to develop expertise in clinical radiology.
Establish or enforce standards for protection of patients and/or personnel.


A Doctor of Chiropractic degree from an accredited program, with a current license in good standing in the state of Georgia (or eligible for licensure in the state of Georgia).
Requires a diplomate status with the American Board of Radiology (DACBR) and maintenance of good standing with the American Chiropractic College of Radiology.
Must have excellent skills in communication, assessment, and organization.
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Date submitted:2022-08-12 02:27:51